What to Expect from MRSI Systems


The importance of customer service dominates the workplace culture at MRSI Systems. Starting with the marketing department and our global sales team and moving through the application and engineering support staff, customer service shines through. Our internal language and philosophy are focused on improving the life of our customers. Long before you become a customer of MRSI Systems, you will experience a service mentality before hearing sales language. A review of our marketing collateral reveals a focus on achieving value. Our website is rich in videos because we believe that some people learn more from seeing something in action instead of reading the manual. We try to take the perspective of our customers. We try to look down their end of the lens.

Our sales team doesn’t sound like a traditional sales team. They define themselves by the questions they ask, not by repeating features and benefits of our systems. We want to start a conversation with you. Our initial objective in sales is not to sell but to serve. Serve first, sell second. We diagnose your situation and therefore we gain insight into your needs. We help you prioritize those needs and we clarify if we can help. You are more likely to hear project management and application language from our sales team than sales moves! If we can help, we want to talk about configured solutions around your needs, and about operational dates including training.

We Tailor Systems Based on Customers’ Needs: Our customer-centricity is best seen in our ability to configure systems to your needs. We manufacture a great family of products covering a plethora of applications but we find each case requires a specific configuration. Each potential customer has their own success criteria related to their industry and application. Each prospect does something their own specific way. Because MRSI Systems sales professionals and engineers are focused on service, they are trained to diagnose the requirements of customers and provide the solutions they need. And when you need to scale production, your proven configuration and dialed-in-process(es) is easily duplicated.

Customer Support: After the sale, the key test of customer service kicks in. Can you reach a human being trained in your system who can quickly deal with your issue? The customer support process begins the moment we receive your call or email.  An MRSI Systems employee will engage you in a dialogue about your needs and what you want to accomplish. After understanding your goals, we create and communicate a clear path of action to achieve success.  This process of listening to you, the customer, and providing quick and timely deliverables is repeated until all your needs have been met and you are satisfied.

At MRSI Systems, we believe that fast and effective customer support is essential to the customer experience. Whether you have lost your system documentation; require assistance with an application, or have an in-depth technical question, the MRSI Systems customer support team is here to assist and enhance your experience with our products.

Our customer-centric solutions set the industry standard for accuracy, reliability, yield and throughput. After system acceptance at our factory, we guarantee a quick installation with additional training on the new machine. At any time, thereafter, our customers can contact us by email or phone for other support services. The MRSI Systems team also offers training on your site or in N. Billerica, away from your daily demands.

Along with these services, our products are competitively priced because we believe in offering the best value based on top performance and functionality within the industry. We are focused on improving our customers’ performance and have been delivering on that promise for over 32 years.

To learn more about our customer service please contact our Customer Support/Hotline: (978) 758-5897 (8am-8pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri) or email customer support at or our sales representatives at